Saturday, March 10, 2012

Where Have We Been?!

An Update: Where have we been?

Well, personally I am going through a lot of things and trying to find time to start this project back up and I was asked by a certain website to produce other content as well that I am slowly trying to get with...

...but I need some help. We here at are looking for a cohost(s) for The Weekly Edit. We are still looking to control the direction and technical side of the show (including editing, direction, upload, all that), but we need someone willing to put together the topics and newslist for the episode, be on the show live, and have opinions about the world of StarCraft 2 eSports.

If you are interested and would like more details, please email us at

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weekly Edit - S2E3

We are joined by Mary Ratliff from Good Game Movie!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

NewSCast for 27-Jan-11

Here we go again everyone.  I am TheAmazombie and this is your StarCraft 2 NewSCast for Friday, January 27th.

We had some play in the team leagues today.  First in the NASTL we had Empire facing off with Quantic Gaming.  The games were Happy over Theognis, Aristeo over Destiny, and Violet over Agh for a quick and easy 3-0 victory for Empire.  We also had day 2 in the GSTL with ZeNEX facing off with oGs.  The matches were Vines over Line, and Jjun, but lost to lost to Avenge.  Then Avenge fell to the might of TheSTC who then fell to Extreme.  Extreme then tore through Nada and Fin, only to fall to Supernova.  In the final match of the series we had SuperNova tearing through Life top take the 5-4 victory for oGs.

We also had the announcement of player lists for the Winter Online Qualifiers.  Remember, all players can play in any qualifier they wish, but they can only play in one.  Here are the players by region:
North America: Slush, Kiwikaki, Rain, Sheth, InControl, Machine, Drewbie, Tyler, KawaiiRice, Vibe, DeMuslim, Sase, TriMaster, QXC, Artist, MiHai, Ddoro, Illusion, Agh, ThisIsJimmy, WannaBeCool, DDE, OptikZero, State, Inori, LZGamer, KingofSpades, Hawk, Goswser, Axslav, Ostojiy, Attero, Morrow, Naama, Stalife, Catz, TT1, Killer, and MiniGun.
Europe: Ret, Sjow, Socke, Thorzain, Orly, Merz, Violet, Grubby, HasuObs, AdelScott, Bigs, Bischu, Cloud, DieStar, Feast, Goody, Jimpo, Lalush, LiveZerg, Monchi, NightEnd, Pomi, Tarson, Titan, Welmu, and XLord.
Korea/Taiwan: MMA, Bomber, Boxer, Losira, MarineKing, TheSTC, Ganzi, July, Nada, NesTea, Noblesse, Polt, Major, White-Ra, Keen, Choya, Oz, HwangSin, ToD, SC, aLive, Alicia, Clide, Curious, Fin, FruitDealer, Genius, Gumiho, Happy, Hyun, Inca, Jjakji, Killer, Lucky, MoonGlade, Parting, Puzzle, Rainbow, Revival, Ryung, San, Seed, Sound, SuperNova, TheBest, Top, Virus, Yoda, Yugiho, and Zenio.
Each group is super stacked.

Well, that's about all the news that we have for you tonight.  Don't miss any of the action, but if you do you can find it here the next morning at

Friday, January 27, 2012

NewSCast for 26-Jan-12

Here we go again everyone.  I am TheAmazombie and this is your StarCraft 2 NewSCast for Thursday, January 26th.

Well, the main bit of action to speak of was Week 2, Day 1 in the NASTL featuring EG vs. FXO.  The matches were Lucky over Puma, JYP over Choya, asd over DeMuslim, and finally Leenock was given a victory over Idra after computer issues caused the game to be lost before finishing.  This means that FXO got the victory over EG 3-1.

We also had the first day in the GSTL 2012.  The match today was Slayers taking on FXO.  The results were Crank over Choya and TheBest, then we had Lucky over Crank, Clide, and Puzzle.  Then MMA took out Lucky, Leenock, and Oz to take the first victory for the Slayers Clan 5-3.

In other news we have the announcement from the french team Millenium that they have opened their team house over in France.  Players staying there so far include Stephano, Adelscott, the great Tarson, and Bling from the team Dignitas.  Also announced today is that CheckSix gaming has acquired the Korean player Sleep, formally of IM and Slayers.

MLG has released a bit more information about their new format and dates for events.  We already knew about the Winter Championships, but they also released info on the other dates which include Spring championships on June 8th-10th, Summer on August 24th-26th, and Winter on November 2nd-4th.  They also stated the prize pool for Winter which has $25,000 for 1st, $15,000 for second, and on down the line.

Well, that's about all the news that we have for you tonight.  Don't miss any of the action, but if you do you can find it here the next morning at